The Core Component Of Battery Energy Storage System

The most important component of Bess is BMS(battery managerment system,also named:protection board)

Why BMS is necessary?

Li-battery can not be over-charged, over-discharged,overheated,over current is dangerous for li-battery.overcharge may cause explosion,  overdischarge may cause  battery failure. Over heat may cause battery failure or explosion.over current may cause damage to the battery and its cyclelife.

The main use of BMS is to protect the battery from overcharge overdischarge overheat  overcurrent and Output short circuit .


Communicating with the inverter

Support almost all of the inverters in the market.(CAN & RS485 )

protocol can be selected on the led screen.

10A current limiting

Current limiting means charging current limiting here .If charging current is larger than the max BMS charging current,the BMS will limit the current to 10A ,and retest after one minute.So that the communication between BMS and the inverter will not be teminated if instantaneous Current is too large.